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Havit - a cheap alternative in good quality​

In 2017 we at DCS got the Nordic agency on Havit, which is a Chinese IT manufacturer with more than 20 years on the market, with sales in more than 80 countries.

unlike other Chinese manufacturers, Havit has their own designers on the team, and this makes Havit a good-quality alternative to Logitech – Just a completely different price.

at DCS we are currently handling five different product lines from Havit:

> Havit Gaming
> Havit Basicline
> Havit Proline
> Havit Sound
> Havit Mobile

On this page, you can read more about Havit's five product lines and find a number of the products.

> Find all Havit-products here

Havit KB418L metal

  • Product no 992952872
  • Model HV-KB418L
  • Brand Havit

Havit KB473L Tastatur Mekanisk RGB Kabling

  • Product no 993721971
  • Model KB473L
  • Brand Havit

Havit GAMENOTE MS1003 RGB Kabling Sort

  • Product no 993781834
  • Model MS1003 RGB
  • Brand Havit

Havit KB462L Tastatur Mekanisk RGB Kabling

  • Product no 993795477
  • Model HV-KB462L
  • Brand Havit

Havit MS900 Kabling Sort

  • Product no 993795478
  • Model MS900
  • Brand Havit

Havit Programmable RGB Gaming Mouse 3200DPI

  • Product no 993795479
  • Model MS1002
  • Brand Havit

Havit Gaming Series HV-MS842 Kabling Sort

  • Product no 993795480
  • Model MS842
  • Brand Havit

Havit Gaming Headset 3.5mm Stereo Black PC/PS4/XBO

  • Product no 993795487
  • Model H2015d-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit S01BT Sound Suite 3 in 1 Black

  • Product no 993795489
  • Model S01BT-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit i37 Trådløs Sort Øreproptelefoner

  • Product no 993849455
  • Model i37-BK
  • Brand Havit

Refilling of bestsellers:

Havit HV-KB414L Tastatur RGB Kabling Nordisk

  • Product no 992607867
  • Model HV-KB414L-ND
  • Brand Havit

Havit HV-KB558CM Tastatur og mus-sæt Membran Regnbue Kabling Nordisk

  • Product no 992607901
  • Model HV-KB558CM-BK-ND
  • Brand Havit

Havit Gaming Mouse Black

  • Product no 992964678
  • Model HV- MS672
  • Brand Havit

Havit KB675CM Tastatur, mus, headset og musepudesæt Kabling

  • Product no 993496281
  • Model KB675CM
  • Brand Havit

Havit Gaming Series HV-MS804 Optisk Kabling Sort

  • Product no 993550963
  • Model HV-MS804
  • Brand Havit

Havit Gaming

Havit Gaming includes a wide range of entry-level, mid-range and high-end gaming products. Havit is known for the high quality compared to the prices, this also applies to the gaming line.

The products in the three categories are designed based on what the end customers demand. Regardless of which Havit Gaming products are involved, you have no doubt that Havit knows what they are doing. They always know which designs are trending.

This of course means plenty of RGB lights, innovative functionalities and designs that are not to be mistaken for - and no matter what level the product is on, the price is always extremely competitive compared to similar brands in the market.




In the entry-level category from Havit Gaming you will find a wide variety of products, which is made for the newly started gamer; Children and gamers who do not make great demands on their setup.

The quality and features are naturally lowered on these products compared to other levels within Havit Gaming, but compared to the design, it still looks high-end and made for gaming.  

The design is based on lots of RGB-lightning, and the price is so low, that it is affordable for every customer.





In the mid-range level from Havit Gaming, you will find products in slightly higher quality, a little more features and in a slightly more exclusive design.

This means, among other things, that mid-range keyboards can both be semi-mechanical and mechanical, while there are several options for controlling RGB lighting in both mouse, keyboards and headsets. In addition, there are, of course, a number of products at the mid-range level, which lie right on the border between entry-level and high-end levels.

The quality is generally a little higher, which means that these products are not made for brand new gamers, while the mid-range products remain highly relevant to children.





At the high-end level of Havit Gaming, you will find products where more resources have been used during the development phase in terms of design, quality, and functionality so that they come with all the features and quality that the most demanding gamers demand.

Therefore, all high DPI mice come in several levels, good balance and better sensors; Keyboards are all mechanical and have a more robust structure; while all headsets come with 7.1 surround sound.

In short, these products are made for gamers who do not compromise on their gaming setup and want the best to ensure their performance.



Five selected products from Havit Gaming

Havit Gaming Headset 7.1

  • Product no 992964666
  • Model HV-H2260U
  • Brand Havit

Havit Gaming MS837 Kabling Sort

  • Product no 993362060
  • Model HV-MS837
  • Brand Havit

Havit HV-KB395L Tastatur Mekanisk RGB Kabling Nordisk

  • Product no 993362063
  • Model HV-KB395L-ND
  • Brand Havit

Havit HV-KB432L Tastatur Mekanisk RGB Kabling Nordisk

  • Product no 993362064
  • Model HV-KB432L-ND
  • Brand Havit

Havit GAMENOTE HV-MS852 Kabling Sort

  • Product no 993437051
  • Model HV-MS852
  • Brand Havit

Havit Basicline

Havit Basicline is, as its name suggests, a series of standard office products at an incredibly low price.

the Havit Basicline products are obvious choices for end customers who do not demand much more than a mouse, keyboard or headset that works and meets the very basic needs.

The design is therefore kept quite simple, while the quality is at a reasonable level compared to the low prices.








At DCS we see Havit Basicline as an obvious choice for the elderly; big screen setups or just to customers who do not make additional requirements for computer accessories and it comes at a price where there is room in the budget for replacement.

All products from Havit Basicline come in retail packaging, which makes products ready for online and physical stores who want to offer their customers a cheap alternative to manufacturers such as Logitech.

Havit Basicline is, in short, office products that meet the very basic needs of consumers. However, if greater demands are made on design and functionality, we refer to Havit Proline, which you can read more about below.



Five selected products from Havit Basicline

Havit Basicline Wired Headset

  • Product no 992607907
  • Model HV-H8089d
  • Brand Havit

Havit Basicline Wireless Mouse Black

  • Product no 992607911
  • Model HV-MS987GT
  • Brand Havit

Havit HV-KB373 Tastatur Kabling Nordisk

  • Product no 992826993
  • Model HV-KB373-ND
  • Brand Havit

Havit Wireless Mouse

  • Product no 992948508
  • Model HV-MS910GT-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit Basicline Headset Black/Grey

  • Product no 992992881
  • Model HV-H139D
  • Brand Havit

Havit Proline

Havit Proline is the latest product line from Havit, and it differs from Havit Basicline in both design and functionality.


This means that you get office products that are higher quality at all parameters in relation to Havit Basicline - while the price is still lower than other manufacturers of office products.


Common to all products under Havit Proline is that they all come in good quality, professional design and at a price that makes the products a serious alternative for consumers who have higher demands on office products.





High-end features

When we make the statement that Havit Proline is a serious alternative to other manufacturers of high-end office products, it is something that we are taking seriously.

This means, among other things, that our Bluetooth keyboards in the Havit Proline series come with long battery life, robust design, and features such as multi-device and silent keys.

Havit Proline is brand new to the market, but the products have been thoroughly tested, both by Havit's development team and by our own product testers at DCS - and we have no doubt about the products' quality and relevance on the market.



Five selected products from Havit Proline

Havit Proline Mouse Wired Black

  • Product no 992607896
  • Model HV-MS676
  • Brand Havit

Havit Proline USB 3.0 Hub 4 port

  • Product no 993437078
  • Model HV-H103
  • Brand Havit

Havit Proline KB235BT Multi-Device Tastatur Trådløs

  • Product no 993489256
  • Model HV-KB235bT-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit Proline KB236BT Tastatur Multi-Device Trådløs

  • Product no 993489257
  • Model HV-KB236BT-SIBK
  • Brand Havit

Havit Proline Wireless mouse Blue

  • Product no 993777437
  • Model MS622GT-BL
  • Brand Havit

Havit Sound

Havit has recently upgraded its focus on audio products, and this has resulted in the Havit Sound series now differing significantly in the market as regards both design and quality.

The best example of this is our bestseller Havit G1W, which was highlighted by Forbes at CES 2018 and Havit E5, who won a Reddot Design Award in 2018, while it is clear on the remaining products in Havit Sound that resources are being used for the development of unique products with features that follow the trend of the market.

Under Havit Sound, you will find a number of sound products that differentiate by design, price and then it is most important, namely the sound quality, of several products in a class of their own.






Audio sound in top quality

On a series of audio products, the sound quality is, of course, an important parameter, and on the Havit Sound series, the sound quality exceeds the relatively low price.

However, this does not mean that it is only a good sound quality for the price. The sound quality is so high that in several reviews of the products it is highlighted as one of the parameters where the products beat the competitors.

Whether it is the top products within Havit Sound or the products at a lower level, you can always be sure about the sound quality.







Five selected products from Havit Sound

Havit Bluetooth Speaker Black

  • Product no 992964670
  • Model M15-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit i39 sports headset Black

  • Product no 993422576
  • Model HV-i39-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit i65 Trådløs Sort Hovedtelefoner

  • Product no 993422589
  • Model I65-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit E5 Grå Sort Højttaler

  • Product no 993733911
  • Model E5-Bk
  • Brand Havit

Havit Mobile

Havit Mobile is a series of mobile accessories that include everything from cables, adapters, power banks, and wireless chargers. It is common for all products under Havit Mobile that the quality is high in relation to the price.

All the products come in retail packaging, which means that they are very suitable for physical stores who want to run with a full range of mobile accessories with high-quality packaging which helps to state the quality to the customer.

Besides the price, quality, and packaging, Havit Mobile distinguishes itself by the fact that the products follow the market development. That is, there are a number of Qi wireless chargers, high durability wired cables and high capacity power banks.




Made for iPhone and iPad

A large number of products under Havit Mobile are MFI-certified, which means that they are Made for iPhone and iPad.

The MFI certification means that the products are registered by Apple's products as original accessories, so as a retailer and the end customer, you should not worry about non-compatible accessories.

Of course, this has an impact on the price of MFI-certified products, which are slightly higher due to the chip found in the products.

Whether they are MFI-certified products or not, all Havit Mobile products are relevant to physical stores and web shops that want a real alternative to original accessories for Apple or Android-based products.




Five selected products from Havit Mobile

Havit Kabel USB Type C 1 m black

  • Product no 992826424
  • Model HV-H612-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit 3 ports USB lader 3.1A

  • Product no 993422153
  • Model HV-UC2024
  • Brand Havit

Havit HV-PB013X Guld

  • Product no 993489707
  • Model HV-PB013X-GO
  • Brand Havit

Havit H33 10Watt

  • Product no 993496282
  • Model H33-BK
  • Brand Havit

Havit Lightning cable sleeved MFi 2m White

  • Product no 993499867
  • Model CB8522-WH
  • Brand Havit