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FAQ - 6 - My orders

If you want to use dropshipment, when you go to the Checkout, fill in the customer's information in section 01. DELIVERY and tick off dropshipment at the bottom of section 01.

If you paid before coming to the store, you must present a valid photo ID as well as order number and customer number.

You can find your invoice as a PDF under each order in your order list. 

Once you have clicked on the order you want an invoice from, you can find a link on the right side with the text Downloade invoice. 
This link will start a download of an invoice for that order. 

You can find your order list by clicking here.

You can track your packages using the Track & Trace information, which you can find under each order in your order list. 

To find your order list, click on My Toolbox in the menu at the top of the website where you select My orders.

You can also find your order list by clicking 

  • Once you have entered your order list, you will be able to see a list of all the orders you have ordered with us. 

    To find Track&Trace information on an order, click View order based on the order you want to find Track & Trace information on

    Click on View tracking numbers to see your Track & Trace number. (See picture)


  • Please note that updates can take up to 24 hours to appear on the carrier's website

Your order will be waiting for you for up to 4 business days.
​​​​​​​If the order is not picked up within this time, it will be canceled and returned to the

You can see the status of your order in your order summary on our website. 

To find your order summary, click on My toolbox menu at the top of the website and select My orders

You can also find your order summary by clicking here.

If you choose prepayment as your payment method, you will receive our bank details in your order confirmation.
Please note your order number in the transfer - our bookkeeping can check your order more quickly.

Alternatively, you can find our bank details under "contact" or by clicking here.

It is not possible to add or remove products from an order after it has been completed.

In special cases, we can add an item to an order before our stock picks it.
In such cases, contact us by the live chat as soon as possible.

You will receive a booking confirmation when you place an order with us, and you will receive an order confirmation when we have your order packed in our warehouse.

If your order needs to be shipped, your order confirmation will come with your track and trace number.

If you believe that an error has occurred and you have not received any order confirmation, even if the item has been shipped, you can contact our customer service by the chat or you can find other contact information here.

You can pick up your order when you receive an email or SMS stating that your order is ready for pickup.

You can see store address and opening hours here.

If you should be so unlucky as to have deviations from what you have ordered and what you have received, please contact our customer service so that we can get the errors corrected.

You can find contact information for our customer service here

You can see address opening hours of the pickup here.

At DCS ApS, we do not offer returns on goods, unless an agreement has been reached before entering into the purchase contract between DCS ApS and the buyer.

An order- or procure item is listed as in remote storage on our website.

Yes, you can view your order summary on the website.

To find your order summary you have to click on My toolbox menu at the top of our website, and click on my orders.

You can also find your order summary by clicking

You can se your order status in your order summary on our website. 

To find your order summary you need to click on the My toolbox menu at the top of our website and then click on My orders. 

You can also find your order summary by clicking here.

Yes, it is possible to divide your order into several different deliveries.
​​​​​​​Contact us by the chat or [email protected]

You can change your order until you receive an order confirmation and you can contact us during the period from 09.00 to 17.00.

If you products is defective, you will have to create a complaint case on our website.

You can set up an RMA case with us though our website by filling out our RMA form. You can find it by clicking the My toolbox menu at the top  of the website and then click RMA.
here you will be able to see a list of all RMA cases that you have created with us. 

If you want to create a new RMA case, click on the red Create RMA button where you will now be able to see a list of your orders that you have ordered from us.
​​​​​​​You can also find this list by clicking 

From the orders that have been picked up/delivered you will be able to see a button on the right side called RMA which you need to press to create an RMA case on products from that order. 
When you have done this, you will be able to see a red button with the text Create RMA based on the product(s) on which you want to create an RMA case. 

You will be asked to fill in a number of information on the product. 
For a more detailed description of how to complete this, click 

  • As a business customer, you have a right of complaint of one year from the item is delivered.


Yes, since part delivery means that your order will be delivered by 2 laps, there will be shipping costs on each delivery that you have to pay yourself.

If an item is listed with unknown delivery date, it means that our suppliers are currently unable to procure any of the given product.

​​​​​​​In such cases, you will always receive an email from us after which you are welcome to contact us
through chat.

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