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What is drop shipping?

As a DCS customer, you have the possibility to use drop shipping. This means that we at DCS will not feature as the consignor on parcels, enabling you to offer your customers an extended product range in a smooth a trouble-free way. All you have to do is to choose drop shipping at checkout.

Are you a webshop owner?

Then drop shipping is really the obvious choice if you are looking to offer your customers a larger product range than what your actual warehouse can handle. Furthermore, drop shipping gives you the opportunity to try out new products within your current customer-base without having to increase your inventory level.

Are you the owner of a physical store?

Using drop shipping, you can offer your customers an extended product range, that you are able to ship directly to the customer's address. Furthermore, you are able to decrease your inventory level, showcasing only one product in your store and drop shipping the order to the customers' address when they make an order.

Drop shipping does not come with any extra cost but follow your usual freight rate.

By using our drops shipping at DCS, you can extend your business in a smooth and trouble-free way.

DCS' drop shipping model

User place an order

We receive the order

We handle the order

The order is shipped

End-user receives the order