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Nordic (265)

Nordic - A Danish brand focusing on quality

The Danish brand Nordic was introduced to the Scandinavian market in 2018 and produces products for both gaming, office, and home

Nordic is the main brand, collecting all products and product series in sub-brands like Nordic Gaming, Nordic Accessories, and Nordic Office. Whether it's gaming, office, or home, all products come in high quality and with an innovative finishing touch that makes a difference for the end-users.

Throughout the Nordic product portfolio, all products have the same link between quality and price ensuring the users to get a high-quality product for a mid-range price.






Nordic Executive Assistant RL-016V2-BR G

  • Product no 993841087
  • Model RL-016V2-BR
  • Brand Nordic
  • EAN 5711802756679

Nordic Gaming Operator RGB Gaming Keyboa

  • Product no 998239011
  • Model NG Operator
  • Brand Nordic
  • EAN 5711802001076

Nordic Accessories iPad 10,2" Trifold ba

  • Product no 998331374
  • Model NOR-Ipad10.2-Black
  • Brand Nordic
  • EAN 5711802200073

Nordic Gaming Blaster Sort

  • Product no 995764692
  • Model NG Blaster
  • Brand Nordic
  • EAN 5711802000000

Nordic Accessories PD15 65W 15000mAh PD

  • Product no 998239193
  • Model PD15
  • Brand Nordic
  • EAN 5711802001052

Military rugged cover iPhone 11 black

  • Product no 998432520
  • Model NORIP11RUGB
  • Brand DCS ApS

Nordic Office One leg elevation frame Bl

  • Product no 998686039
  • Model OL-BK
  • Brand Nordic
  • EAN 5711802800419